Pony Ears and Unicorn Horns

Pony Ears and Unicorn Horns

UPDATE: (October 31, 2o12)
Check below the post for some more pics of me sculpting the ears =)

This was actually really easy. I tried using sculpy clay at first but I had a hard time getting even thicknesses so they baked funny in the oven. I instead used model magic. The model magic was also a lot lighter than the sculpty which made them easier to wear.

What to do after the picture/break =)

Me … being in character, I suppose.

What you Need
Attaching them to your head

What You Need:

  1. Model Magic: ($5 a pack). I got white (for Rarity) and purple (for Twilight). The purple was *waaaayyy* to dark, so I mixed the purple and white together. Model magic purple is really heavy on the blue so I might go back and paint mine a more lavender color.
  2. Elastic ($3) It’s at Michael’s in the ribbon. Make sure it says “elastic” obviously. I got white and purple elastic.
  3. A Straw – to poke the holes through your ears/horn.
  4. Paint (optional) If the horns/ears didn’t come out the color that you want, or you don’t want to have to mix colors you can paint the horns/ears when they’re dry.

What to Do:

  1. Mix the model magic to your desired colors.

The Horns:

  1. Make two small-medium sized balls – each about the same size.
  2. Roll them into cones about the length that you want a bit shorter than you want the horn to be.
  3. Attach the two cones at the top and twist them together until you’re satisfied with your length/twist/look
    1. It’s important that you get the cones pretty close to the same size or else your horn will look lopsided.
  4. Tap the bottom of your horn on a flat surface to get it to be flat on the bottom.
  5. Wait for it to dry a little bit but not all the way.

    This horn is small becuase it’s a demo. Remember that you can stretch it out a bit as your twisting if your cones were a bit small.
    1) Start off with two cones about the same thickness and length
    2) Start at the tip and twist them together.
    3) Continue twisting throughout. You can smush the ends together a bit for stability.

The Ears:

  1. Make two balls of clay about the same size. I made mine medium-ish but I really like the small cute ears and not so much the big “more pony-ish” ears.

    Just as long as you get two equal-ish balls of clay, the ears will go pretty well. The hardest part is making them look like each other.

  2. I don’t really know how to explain this any more than “sculpt your ears”. I kind of made mine a triangular shape-ish and then pushed in the middle a bit … and then fiddled with it until I could get it to look “right”. “Right” is up to you. It is easier if you do both of them at the same time so you can kind of make them look like each other in the process instead of making 1 look exactly like the other.
  3. Wait for them to dry a  bit, but not all the way.

Here they are all sculpted and drying.

Attaching Them to your Head:

  1. While they are not quite dry, take a straw and poke a hole through the bottom of the ear in the thickest part. Just wiggle the straw back and forth until you make it to the other side. Rinse and repeat for all your ears/horns.
  2. Wait for everything to dry completely then paint them if you want.
  3. Taking a pen or the end of a paintbrush, push the elastic through the holes.
  4. Tie the elastic in the back and wear your pony ears! You can bobby pin the elastic to your head/wig if you want them to stay on a bit better.

    Feed the elastic through the ears and horn. I used the end of a paintbrush to help smush it through. I literally just tied a knot in the back and wore it like a headband. The wig went over the back so you couldn’t see how they were tied on.

Feel super cute!!

Bonus Piccie: A little more in depth for sculpting the ears =)

1) Make two equal balls. I like small ears and so this is the size ball of clay that I used for my little ears
2) I then, while holding it, kind of smushed in the middle for a triangular shape.
3) When I did that I then molded the rest of the ear in the back. I kept smoothing and readjusting and smoothing and readjusting. Its easier to sculpt both ears at the same time so you can kind of make them look like each other as you go.
4) Smooth them out until they’re all even and you like them. I then painted my ears for Halloween to match the lavender-ish shirt I was wearing.


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  1. I have to thank you so much for posting this! Ive been freaking out for weeks about how to properly make my ears and horn for Nightmare Moon and following these directions made it sooooo much easier! I tried clay first, but……yeah. bad idea. Thank you so much!

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